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"We’ll get there. We’ll find our way home."

This ending had me feeling so… Anti-climactic. I am pretty sure thats the point though. Now castle is leading this kind of open ended, answerless life and the audience is going to feel that slow simmering frustration along with him. They wrote it so the audience would have a higher stake in his story, so we would connect to it in a different way than we connected to Johanna.

Do i feel let down? Yes. But i’m supposed to. And that’s the frustrating yet continued brilliance of this show.


I’m still laughing at the people who were like, “it was all confusing! no answers!” and I’m thinking… “Did you miss the mystery point of this show?”

Did people really expect to have all the answers by the end of episode 1? 701 is just one piece of the puzzle. Lot of more story to come. 



#ripping my heart out from my chest would be less painful

Esposito bringing her coffee pissed me off. He knows that that is Castle and Beckett’s thing, yet he still did it all sneakily giving her false hope

but that wasn’t his intention. whenever castle isn’t there, he always brings her coffee. 2x24 is an example of that, when castle stops espos there. he wasn’t giving her false hope. those boys will always be there for her. coffee was something she needed - it’s a symbolic act that he wouldn’t try to tamper with.

…I need to get some air. 

…I need to get some air. 

Beckett interrogating the hell out of people



Felicity makes Oliver smile


Castle 7x02 “Montreal”


Castle 7x02 “Montreal”